Water Affirmations Gift Set: 3 for $36 positive affirmations for your water


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Healing art and positive affirmations to bless”the water you drink.

May good health, love and positive energy fill every cell of your body…

The quality of our life is connected to the quality of our water. Adding positive words to your drinking water is powerful. Since our bodies are 70% water, focusing on beautiful images with healing words and placing intention into your water can be a transformational healing tool.

Each double-sided card features Robyn Nola’s beautiful, positive images of mother nature on one side, and images from her Imagination Series Art Collection on the other side. Focus on the beauty of the art and the positive, healing words to activate the water you are drinking. Put Love and Peace in your next glass of water.

How to use Water Affirmations
1. Place the Water Affirmation card under a drink
2. Focus on the healing intentions of the card
3. Drink in the beautiful colors and healing words

Water Affirmation Cards measure 4″ x 4″ square and are as thick as a credit card.

Want just one set of Water Affirmations? Click here.

Pricing Information
•””Water Affirmation Cards- 3 sets for”$36 and”
•””Each set comes in a Free Decorative Gift Bag

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