Robyn Nola’s Healing Art Collection: Visual Meditation DVD


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Relax into Robyn Nola’s healing nature photography as it has never been seen before. This”visual meditation DVD”takes you on a healing journey of appreciation and love for nature. Take flight with butterflies from across the world; experience the healing world of flowers; and drink in the gentle waves of color therapy from Robyn Nola’s abstract collection. The entire DVD is professionally arranged to divinely-inspired music.

Love & Appreciation for Robyn Nola’s Healing Art DVD!

“Upon sampling the visual meditations of Robyn Nola, and seeing her bright and glowing spirit while we were immersed in conversation, I was very anxious to view her visual mediations at home. I knew being away from all the distractions of the conference would allow me to focus and truly appreciate the beauty. We own a plasma television (although we view zero television-only DVDs), and the plasma TV truly enhanced the photography.Robyn’s visual meditations are truly magical. She captures the spirit in every flower, butterfly and intrinsic piece of nature she photographs. As you watch the surreal images, you are transformed into the spiritual being you are witnessing. This is strong medicine, and I cannot imagine a more healing medium than Robyn’s work. The DVD is extremely artistic and professional, and the message is powerful. Amazing!”

Judy K, “San Luis Obispo, CA

All 4 healing meditations on one DVD!

Appreciation and Love for Nature“(5:24 minutes)
From bud to blossom, this meditation is a sacred exploration in nature. You will appreciate and love the dazzling dahlias, darling dragonflies and delicate butterflies. A spiritual score sets the tone for your journey. By the end you’ll gain a new appreciation and love for nature. View sample clip
Nature’s Angels(6:00 minutes)
Take flight with nature’s angels—the butterflies. Float with the delicate earth angels and appreciate their unique designs, vivid colors and remarkable beauty. This healing meditation is a transformational journey choreographed to an emotional soundtrack. You’ll never see butterflies the same way again. View sample clip
The Healing World of Flowers(7:23 minutes)
Drink in the colors and breathe in the love of the healing world of flowers. Soothing music is your guide as you visit flower after flower after flower. Connect to the healing energy and love you find inside of each daisy, orchid and water lily. You’ll love the bee’s eye view of the healing world of flowers.
Healing With Color(5:18 minutes)
Immerse yourself with healing color filling you with joy and wonder. These abstract art collections are gentle waves of color that will transform your mood into a soft, peaceful place. Arranged to tranquil music, you will wander through a fantasy world that knows no bounds.

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